Almost everyone has heard about  laminates..or the famous t.v. commercials about Lumineers...  For those not sure...a glass-pressable laminate or a veneer is not unlike an artificial add-on fingernail.  It is placed and bonded directly over the facial aspect of a tooth.  It allows shape and shade changes and can last as long as a crown and much longer than chairside cosmetic bonding.  Laminates or veneers may or may not require tooth preparation depending on the bulkiness, degree of chipping or cracking, presence of decay or overlap and biting contact.  In most offices impressions and a second or third visit for placement is required.  HOWEVER  ..Now the manufacturers of world-famous Lumineers have created the Cerinate ONE-HOUR  BONDED VENEERS!!!!  

These allow literally thousands of patients who weren't able to do laminate or veneer restorations because of expense and treatment time to do so .  Cerinate One-Hour Smile Makeover from Den-Mat changes that forever!  They are affordable, convenient, minimally invasive and very attractive.   Placement is usually completed in JUST ONE VISIT.  No "free-hand" technique is needed, as with cosmetic bonding and no impressions need to be sent to the lab.  Cerinate glass-pressed veneers have 20 years of research behind them and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.  They are the only alternative to 1 visit composite bonding supported by a national T.V. campaign.  WHAT IS EVEN MORE SIGNIFICANT IS THEY SAVE ABOUT 40% OVER 2 VISIT LAMINATES & VENEERS!!  FOR FURTHER INFO OR FREE CONSULTATION CALL 1-877-SMILE DOC (764-5336)